About Us

Aurora Studios is a creative powerhouse that finances, develops, produces and distributes high quality films and tv drama in the Nordics and beyond.

The company is owned by Otava, the leading publishing company in Finland, the family offices of private equity veterans Ari Lahti and Ari Tolppanen, and the executive board.

Aurora Studios work in close collaboration with its subsidiaries, a production company Helsinki-Filmi Oy and an arthouse distribution company Cinemanse Oy. Aurora Studios is also a substantial shareholder in the animation studio Anima Vitae. Aurora Studios also manages the Finnish Impact Film Fund, facilitating investments in quality film and TV content.

Aurora Studios was established in 2014. For six years the focus of the company was to produce and market the feature film Unknown Soldier, released in 2017. Produced with a budget of 7 million euros, Unknown Soldier was the first film in over fifty years to reach over one million cinema goers in Finland.

Ari Tolppanen has been involved in many top Finnish and European productions as financier and executive producer, including Aku Louhimies’ The Unknown Soldier (the most successful film in Finnish box office history), Zaida Bergroth’s Tove, Teemu Nikki’s NIMBY, AJ Annila’s Eternal Road, Timo Vuorensola’s Iron Sky The Coming Race,  Antti J Jokinen’s Flowers of Evil and  Sophie Hyde’s Animals.  He is an owner and chairman of the board of Aurora Studios and Ilona Studios (Central Helsinki entertainment hub including movie theatres and restaurants). He also was the founder and CEO of Nordfilm in 1980, thus last year marked Tolppanen’s 40 years as an active member of the Finnish, Scandinavian and European film industry.

The Otava Group is Finland’s third-largest diversified media group. The Otava Group engages in some way with almost all Finns. The Otava Group's business areas are general literature, learning services, trade, magazine publication and online services:

  • Suomalainen Kirjakauppa serves customers at 65 locations around Finland and is always open for business online. Jamera Ltd is a bookstore chain specialising in textbooks. Its range includes both new and secondhand textbooks.
  • Otava Publishing Company Ltd publishes fiction, non-fiction and educational materials. This business area also includes Like Publishing, F-Publishing, Nemo, Moreeni, Karisto, Atena Publishing Ltd, Cloubi Ltd and Otava Book Printing Ltd.
  • Otava Learning is a Finnish general publisher of educational materials.
  • Otavamedia Ltd publishes magazines that are well known to the Finnish public and runs online services. Otavamedia B2B commercial unit provides services such as multichannel advertising solutions, native advertising and the design and production of own media.