Helsinki-filmi acquired by Finland’s Aurora Studios

Aurora Studios has acquired Helsinki-filmi, one of the leading production companies in Finland. Helsinki-filmi becomes a subsidiary of Aurora Studios, and will continue its operations independently, following its own mission and strategy in producing feature films and scripted series. The majority owner of Helsinki-filmi, Aleksi Bardy, will become a partner at Aurora Studios and join its executive board. Bardy will also continue as the CEO of Helsinki-filmi. The employees of the company will also continue in their previous positions. The prior shareholders, producer Annika Sucksdorff and director Dome Karukoski will no longer be shareholders after the acquisition. 

Aurora Studios will distribute all films produced by Helsinki-filmi in the foreseeable future, as well as manage the catalogue of Helsinki-filmi’s previous titles, which include over 30 high-quality domestic films such as Tove, Tom of Finland, Heart of a Lion and Lapland Odyssey. Helsinki-filmi and Aurora Studios are currently developing, among others, a film on the life of legendary Marimekko head Kirsti Paakkanen, and a tv series based on a novel by author Thomas Oscar. 

“The story of Helsinki Film continues. A tight collaboration with Aurora Studios provides us with an opportunity to grow and focus on our strengths. We wish to continue to be a good partner and a great place to work, and to provide powerful experiences to audiences worldwide”, Helsinki-filmi CEO Aleksi Bardy says. 

“We’ve admired the work done by Helsinki-filmi in producing international, high quality films for a long time now. It is a great joy to have the opportunity to join our forces and harness the power of the producers, creators and storytellers at Helsinki Film and Aurora Studios, to create even better, more ambitious, and more international drama films and series together”, explains Ari Tolppanen, Chairman of the Board at Aurora Studios.

Aurora Studios will also continue to develop its own projects and cooperate with other production companies as a financier, co-producer, and distributor. Former Nordisk Film & TV Fond CEO Petri Kemppinen will step in as Aurora Studios’ CEO from August on, working together with Head of Distribution Hanna Lajunen, Head of Creative Roosa Toivonen and CFO Joni Ihantola. The company also manages the Finnish Impact Film Fund. 

Aurora Studios is owned by the company’s executives along with Ari Tolppanen and Ari Lahti’s family offices and publishing company Otava. Aurora Studios has recently acquired Lajunen’s company Cinemanse, that will continue to import high quality films and animations to Finland and Scandinavia. 

Helsinki Film, founded in 2002, is one of the leading production companies in the Nordics. The company has completed multiple feature-length films and series, and its most popular films include Tove, Tom of Finland, Heart of a Lion and Lapland Odyssey. 

Aurora Studios is a one-stop content powerhouse, specializing in developing, funding, producing and distributing feature films and scripted series. The company also produced and manages the rights to Finland’s highest-crossing hit ever, The Unknown Soldier (2017).