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Petri Kemppinen to be Aurora Studios’ new CEO and Hanna Lajunen to be Head of Distribution

April 29, 2021

Finnish Aurora Studios, focusing on funding, developing, producing and distributing films and tv series, has appointed Petri Kemppinen as its new CEO. His extensive experience in the world of all things audiovisual includes stints at the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, the Finnish Film Foundation and as CEO of Nordisk Film & TV Fond in Oslo. Hanna Lajunen will…

New private equity fund advances the production of high-quality films and series.

March 30, 2020

Aurora Studios launches the Finnish Impact Film Fund to further the production of quality films and series. Aurora Studios, a firm specializing in development, funding, production, and distribution of feature films and tv-series, initiated its operations a year ago. The company’s owners are publishing company Otava, along with the financiers of Finnish 2017 box office…